done and dusted...for now! 




We'll be bringing it back now and again as a bacon-infused addition to your favourite events at The Bank. 


The ultimate hangover cure has been debated for centuries. Is it the hair of the dog that bit you?  Two Panadol, some Hydralyte, and hours of bad TV? Or is a bacon & egg roll and the promise of beers in a leafy beer garden the only things that get you out of bed? What if we had you covered on all fronts?


The Bank can do the the pub brunch like no other with three delicious bloody marys, refreshing mimosas, and an incredible menu for every hangover...even vegan ones. 



Grilled Chorizo, avocado salsa, eggs (fried or poached) on sourdough 18


Hot smoked salmon Yorkshire pudding, spinach, poached egg, hollandaise 18


Corn and red pepper fritter, rocket, peas, herbs (ve, gf) 16 


Dusty roll - avocado, spinach, rocket, egg, goats feta (v) 14


Rusty roll - bacon, egg, hash brown, swiss cheese, tomato relish 16 


Banana & caramel French toast, ricotta, macadamia, maple syrup (v) 17


Vegan Pancakes, almond, chia yoghurt, strawberries (ve) 
Half Stack 16
Full Stack  24


Extras: Egg (fried or poached) +3 | Bacon +4 | Avocado +4 | Gluten-free bun +4 | Halloumi +5 | Smoked Salmon +6