Dogs are always welcome (encouraged) in our Newtown Beer Garden


A walk to the pub still counts as a walk, right? Pups and pints go hand in hand in our opinion. 

Inner-Westmoreland White Terriers, Newtown Newfoundlands, Stanmore Staffies, and Petersham Poodles are all welcome at The Bank. 
Dogs are always welcome (encouraged) in our Newtown Beer Garden.

We love all dogs, drooly, droopy, fluffy, or fat and we've got plenty of space for your pup to join you and your mates. There are fresh water bowls throughout the venue and our friendly staff are always happy to top them up for you.

Our lush and bustling Newtown beer garden makes for a perfect place for dog mums and dads to come and enjoy a meal and a cocktail and for your pups to relax and socialise with all the neighbourhood dogs.

Our tables on King Street are great for a quick beer stop and Newtown people-watching/butt sniffing.