Trivia makes its grand return to the Bank in TWO different forms! Once a fortnight you'll be able to book a table, test your wits and battle it out for the grand prize. There will be prizes for second and third place too, but much less glory than first place.



MUSIC TRIVIA is hosted by the lovely Adam Lewis & Dom Alessio. These two musical stalwarts will push your musical knowledge to the absolute limits - so be sure to choose your teammates wisely.



LIQUOR SISTERS TRIVIA will see Jackie Daniels & Amber Rosè return in all their glory to the Bank Hotel to host a night of trivia. The girls will be taking the reigns and taking YOU on the ride of your trivial lives!

Xmas Music Trivia at the Bank!

Wednesday 18th November @ 7PM


Hosted by Adam Lewis & Dom Alessio, this night of music trivia will separate the casuals from the pros, the Lennonites from the McCarthyans and the SWIFTIES from the Katy-Cats. Book now by clicking below!
Liquor Sisters Xmas Special!

Wednesday 2nd December @ 7PM


More talented than the Olsen sisters but a little less talented than the Minogue sisters (Kylie mostly), the Liquor Sisters are ready to take you on the ride of your trivial lives. The girls always BOOK OUT, so you better get in quick by clicking below!