Craft Beer Bar

In the heart of the Bank Hotel, hides Newtown’s best-kept secret. A favourite of craft beer enthusiasts and brewers alike, this small bar is hopping-mad for all things beer! With twelve taps exclusively overtaken by the best boutique beers on offer, it may just be the only bar where you leave more knowledgeable than when you entered!

Uncle Hops knows a thing or three about beer; what he doesn’t know about brewing isn’t worth knowing at all! Uncle Hops is more than just a place for a schooner,  you’ll want to try them all. So grab a stool and a paddle of beer, and let Uncle Hops show you the greatest tipples coming from the inner west of Sydney to Australia and beyond.  Whether it’s a paddle of craft beers or a fine selection of whiskey, perhaps them both with a good ol’ boilermaker.

It’s the heart of craft beer, in the heart of the inner west, and you never know what you’ll find being brewed and poured.

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Wed-Fri: 5pm-Late                                                                                                                                                       Sat-Sun: 12pm- Late

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The Bottled Lightning Co. is here to help you discover new and interesting local beers, involve you with unique beer experiences, and introduce you to the amazing craftspeople making it all happen. 

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