He’s a born and bred Newtown local, old Uncle Hops been around since John and Eliza Webster opened up their grocery shop ‘New Town Stores’ back in 1832, not far from where the railway station stands today in fact. The name sort of stuck after that. It’s been ‘Newtown’ ever since, so Uncle Hops tells us.

Uncle Hops knows a thing or three about most things. But his specialist topic? Why craft beer, of course! What Uncle Hops doesn’t know about brewing isn’t worth knowing at all. He takes the utmost pride in his selection of 12 Craft Beers on tap, and is an expert in the art of Beertails and Boilermakers. Ask him about his finely crafted hand-pump beer - it’s his most prized possession - then join him for a fine whiskey or two as he tells you tales of the good old days.

There’s a few things you can be sure of when you visit Uncle Hops’ house. There’ll always be a vinyl on the record player, a cold beer tankard filled to the brim and a tasty morsel or two to line your stomach. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the old boy himself. 

It’s a bizarre tale…